About BevLove

BevLove is a family- owned and -operated beverage company based in The Woodlands, Texas. Specializing in Aloe Vera-based Iced Tea and Fruit beverages in addition to cold extracted Arabica Coffee Coconut drinks.

Coming Soon: Exotic Fresh squeezed Fruit and Basil drinks.

We use:

60% pure Natural Aloe Vera Juice and pure Natural Aloe Vera Gel (cubes).

100% Natural Pomegranate, Passion Fruit or Dragon Fruit Juice.

100% Natural Green Tea Extract.

100% Natural Apple,Lime,Melon,Strawberry and Watermelon Flavors.

NO Preservatives, NO Colors, Aloin Free, and Sweetened with Cane Sugar.

Our line of beverages are a perfect choice for both the health conscience consumer and those looking for a refreshing alternative to carbonated soft drinks… Taste the Love.